“Viewing Louise Hardy’s latest series of work is a deeply emotional, quietly unsettling and profoundly spiritual experience..."

“Viewing Louise Hardy’s latest series of work is a deeply emotional, quietly unsettling and profoundly spiritual experience. They share in common a searing illumination of the urban landscape, with river running through it, as primal psycho geography; the meandering waterway as life path; the sketchiness and temporal nature of human geometries overlaying landscape; the great force of nature breaking through all. The work haunted me for days afterwards.” 

Gary Reich, TV Producer

"“Louise Hardy’s latest work is utterly exquisite..."

“Louise Hardy’s latest work is utterly exquisite; a shimmering sense of colour, subtle and evocative, turning The Thames into a rich source of wonder and suggesting a side of London that we always sense is present but that usually only flowers in our dreams.  Hardy is an original and tantalising artist who allows us to view aspects of our city with refreshed eyes.” 

Martin Sherman, Playwright

“Louise Hardy’s oils have enriched my home for years..."

“Louise Hardy’s oils have enriched my home for years. They have that rare quality of an immediate attraction which never fades, even decades later. It will be same with her newest work. Once more she has painted the Thames – its light and its flow, its power and its glow, with a palette worthy of Turner but unmistakeably her own.”

Ian McKellen, Actor

At the edge of the desert in Arad

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At the edge of the desert in Arad. The scholarship girls – I am still in touch with New York artist and teacher Laura Nova (sitting next to me), Sylvia and (?) and at the other end, Nikki,who very sadly died far too young. An extraordinary time.

In my studio, 1997

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In my studio in Arad, Israel in 1997. The three figure-based gouache pieces behind me sold at the final show in Jerusalem.

Visiting Bhutan


I visited Bhutan about 30 years ago and got lost on a rainy trek in the mountains. We were 'saved' by the local MP. I told him I'd paint his picture and send it to him as a thank you which I did. I remember he laughed alot and made us feel very welcome. And warm.

A very early painting from my Foundation course


A very early painting from my Foundation course in Blackpool, where I was taught by the formidable Neville Wakling. He liked to measure everything and correct your work, which took me years to recover from. Owned by Lynne and Brian Lever and only recently rediscovered, years later!

A note from Glynn Uzzell


A note from Glynn Uzzell, a painter friend and dear man, who tragically died in 2014 at home in his beloved Portugal. We admired each other’s work and he was a huge encouragement – he told me always to go into the studio, if only to sweep, because as long as you were there, something would come. Much missed.


Artist Interview | Seven Day Cyclist

“Flying, that is what it felt like. That is what I tried to convey in these paintings.” That is Louise Hardy’s overwhelming impression of riding a bike. So, the London-based artist created a series of paintings of cyclists - all entitled Flying. No, the cyclists are not the heroes and heroines of the pro-circuit, they are images of cycling portraying the emotions that cycling brought. Steve Dyster spoke to Louise about the images and how they came about.

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